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Advise and Consult

  • Assist Landlord with maximum value retention when the relationship between a Landlord and a cinema Tenant becomes misaligned

  • Value retention at times may require TCB to assist Landlords when cinema Tenants: 

    • Request rent reductions and/or​​​

    • Threaten abandonment of contractual rent and/or

    • do not comply with the operating covenant obligations 

  • TCB provides expert guidance during Lease re-negotiations and/or Lease settlement discussions via: ​

    • Furniture Fixture & Equipment (FF&E) cost/benefit analysis​

      • A cinema tenant threatens to remove FF&E as an activity associated with rejecting/returning a cinema location to a Landlord​

    • Market Rent Analysis

      • Identify FMV market rent based on TCB revenue projections and knowledge of the cinema operating proforma

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